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Az Excellence in Pharmacy Ösztöndíjat a Gyógyszerésztudományi Kar kiemelkedő tanulmányi eredményt elérő nemzetközi hallgatói nyerhetik el. 2022-ben hatan részesültek az ösztöndíjban.

Anahita"I am glad to be selected as an excellent student. My favorite subject is Pharmacodynamics because it gives complete information about drugs, which is the Main part of our Major. Besides my education, I have some hobbies like playing piano and tennis. The reason that I selected the University of Szeged is its high rank among Europe universities.Choosing Szeged for studying and living is an excellent decision due to its safety, calmness, sunshine, and international environment. I am thankful to the University of Szeged for giving me this opportunity to improve my knowledge and bring me closer to my goals."

Anahita Sangestani fifth-year pharmacy student from Iran

Wendy"My years as a pharmacy student at the University of Szeged have been one of my life's most exciting, challenging, and emotional experiences. The subjects in the first two years laid the foundation of my science knowledge. Those in 3rd and 4th years broadened my knowledge about medicine and the pharmaceutical field with various practices. Life at Szeged isn't all lectures and labs. There are more opportunities beyond the study. Szeged is not a big city like Budapest, but it is an amazing city with peacefulness and beautiful scenery. For me, who loves adventure, it is the perfect place to do outdoor activities and sports. Various events every year are another amusement for me, such as the wine festival, one of the biggest festivals in Hungary. I feel lucky that I could have diverse experiences during my study here in Szeged."

Wendy Sung fifth-year pharmacy student from South Korea

Ji_Youn_Ahn"My favorite subject is Prescription Pharmacy, where I can prepare different dosage forms of drugs. It was beneficial because I could practice prescribing and build up my knowledge for the board exam and the summer practices I did in the hospital pharmacy. After graduation, I want to work as a hospital pharmacist in Korea. Szeged is a beautiful and safe university city. I love my life here because the weather is excellent and the people are friendly, too. I like the festivals held in Szeged, especially the Wine Festival. Most of the time, I spend my day at the university and the TIK library. I like watching movies, reading books, traveling, and doing yoga in my free time. I traveled to most of the countries near Hungary. My favorite cities are Budapest and Paris."

Ji Youn Ahn fifth-year pharmacy student from South Korea

Atrian_Alireza"My goal is to work in an environment that encourages me to succeed and grow professionally, where I can utilize my skills and knowledge appropriately and increase them to improve my future opportunities. I am a student researcher at the University of Szeged, Department of Inorganic and Analytical chemistry. I am working on analyzing life science samples to lead analytical instrumentation development by ICP-MS and LIBS. I was also engaged in the University of Buali Sina, Department of Organic Chemistry), where I investigated the application of porous polysulfonamide for diminishing dye contaminants."

Atrian Alireza fourth-year pharmacy student from Iran

CUI_ZUHAO"I am honored to be chosen as an excellent student this term. I sincerely appreciate the support of my faculty. During the past few years, I have been deeply inspired by the solid academic environment at the university and the professors' dedicated teaching and strict requirements for students. I've always been proud to be a student of this prestigious university with over a hundred years of history. Everyone here, including the professors, administrators, and students, is amiable and helpful. Pharmaceutical science is not easy, but they make studies a joyous journey instead of a pile of boring classes and books. Szeged is a quiet, beautiful, and friendly city I consider my second hometown. In Szeged, you can meet people from around the world. There are many facilities to develop your hobbies here, and various festivals will make you fall in love with traditional Hungarian culture."

Cui Zuhao fourth-year pharmacy student from China

Aseel1"I am delighted to be selected as an excellent student for this semester. The University of Szeged is one of the best universities in Hungary, with an outstanding global reputation and a supportive community. Szeged is a charming and comfortable city for living and studying where you can find kind and supportive people in an international environment. In Szeged, you can enjoy various cultural and sports events throughout the year and its famous architectural and historical buildings"

Aseel Ghanimeh fourth-year Pharmacy student from Syria


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