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Entrance Examination 2022

Until further notification in the current coronavirus situation, all examinations requiring personal presence, have been moved to online platforms.

In 2021 entrance examinations for all health science programmes will be organized by the University of Szeged Admissions Office from the end of February until the end of July every second week.


For examination dates, please check our entrance examination calendar:

Entrance examination calendar


About the exam


The applicants are allowed to participate in a maximum of two examinations during one application period, if the chance is offered by the University of Szeged.

The Entrance Examination consists of a written and an oral part in Biology, Chemistry and English Language. (In case of examinations hosted by the Admissions Office, University of Szeged Physics might be chosen instead of Chemistry.)

Written part:

  • The examination is conducted on the University’s online testing platform Coospace. If the candidate participates in the test from home (not at the host’s venue), the exam will be monitored via Zoom.
  • There is a time limit to the test. Students will have 120 minutes to complete it. There is no time limit set by question and you will see only one question at a time.
  • Each test contains three sections: 20 multiple-choice Biology questions, 20 multiple-choice Chemistry questions, 60 English Language questions (General and Medical English).
  • The questions are multiple-choice questions. You will have to select one answer out of the 4-5 choices given for each question. When you have selected the answer you can go forward to the next question. It is only possible to move to the next question, moving backward to a former question is NOT possible. It is only possible to move forward to the next question if you have selected an answer. The „No answer” choice cannot be chosen. The system will ask you to click ’OK’ every time you would like to move forward with the questions.
  • Each correct answer equals 1 point. (No points will be deducted if you give a wrong answer.)
  • For completing the Chemistry test you will need a periodic table and a calculator, please prepare them before beginning the test.

Oral part:

  • The oral part of the examination – interview with a University Professor – is conducted via Zoom and will last for about 20 minutes.
  • Following a conversation on general issues you will be asked 2 questions in Biology and 2 questions in Chemistry in English Language.
  • The schedule of the oral exam will be announced after the written exam.
  • Please make sure to dress appropriately for the examination.


Fraud prevention

  • The applicant's identity will be checked before the examination, therefore please make sure to keep the schedule of both the written and the oral examination. In case of late login to any platform, or any part of the exam, applicants cannot join the examination.
  • For both part of the examination the applicants are required to use two technical devices: The first one will be the actual platform of the examination, the second one serves monitoring. Please make sure that the camera of the second device is set up in such a way that both the applicant and the screen of the first device are clearly visible.
  • The use of any further technical devices is stricly prohibited (headsets, earphones, smart watches, personal digital assistants etc.).
  • The applicant has to be alone in the room for the entire duration of the examination.

Any violation of the above procedure may result in cancellation of your scores, dismissal by the test center staff, or banning from future exams. Failing to log on the required ZOOM meeting while taking the written examination in Coospace, may result in an invalid test.

Please note that you will be asked to accept the above conditions in the Dream Apply upon examination registration.

Entrance Exam topics and Sample Test


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