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Formal requirements of the Doctoral thesis

The thesis shall be in English. The length of the thesis, including figures, tables, graphs and bibliography, cannot exceed 50 pages. The thesis shall be submitted in printed form (size 12 Times font, 1.5 spacing, 16 x 23 cm type page or a format equivalent to that). The cover shall display the thesis title, name of the author, “Doctoral Thesis” inscription and the date.

In addition, the inner title page shall also display the name of the department where the thesis was written. The next page shall contain a list of publications in the subject of the thesis, marked with Roman numerals. The thesis shall meet the technical and formal requirements of scientific papers. Parts of the thesis (Introduction, Materials and methods, Results, Discussion, Summary, References) shall be proportionate, adequate for the nature of the research topic. Listing citations shall follow the citation practice of the research field. A thesis book written both in English and in Hungarian is also required. All published papers and articles accepted for publication related to the thesis subject shall be attached as an appendix and bound with the thesis. Sample of the inner title page of the thesis and the thesis book are included in the appendix of this regulation (Appendix 1. and 2.).

Formal requirements of the Doctoral thesis (PDF)


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