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Comprehensive examination

As the end of the training and research part of the doctoral training (the first 4 semesters), students have to pass the comprehensive examination, which is also a condition of starting the research and dissertation phase of their training (the next 4 semesters). In order to take their comprehensive examination, students have to collect at least 90 credits and all the training credits for compulsory courses required by the training plan of the Doctoral School.

The comprehensive exam consists of two main parts: in the first part, the theoretical competence of the candidate is assessed (‘theoretical part’); in the second part, candidates shall demonstrate their scientific progress (‘dissertational part’). In the theoretical part of the comprehensive examination, candidates shall take exams in at least two subjects. In the second part of the comprehensive examination, candidates demonstrate their insight into the scholarly literature in a presentation, provide an account of their research results, and present their research plan for the second phase of the doctoral training and for the scheduling of the preparation of the doctoral thesis and of the publication of results.

In the Doctoral School of Pharmaceutical Sciences the examinee selects 1-1 subject/topic from the following two groups:

Subject/topic 1

Subject/topic 2

Analytical chemistry





Separation techniques

Pharmaceutical chemistry


Pharmaceutical technology


Clinical pharmacy

Colloid chemistry

Organic chemistry

Quality assurance

Instrumental analysis of pharmaceuticals

Structural analysis

Comprehensive Exam Application Form (DOC)

Evaluation Sheet for Comprehensive Exam (DOC)


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