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Living in Szeged

Szeged - bird's eye view
The city of Szeged is located in the south-east of Hungary, in Central Europe. The flat countryside in this region is crossed by the River Tisza, which divides Szeged into a western and an eastern side. Szeged is the cultural and commercial center of the region, with about 160 000 inhabitants. An additional 25 000 students live in Szeged during the fall and spring semesters. Szeged is also known as the “City of Sunshine” because it has more than 2000 hours of sunshine annually. Szeged is a truly multicultural center because of its special situation. Students attend the university here from all over the world.

City Museum
The central part of the city is situated in the western half of Szeged, close to the River Tisza, inside the Tisza Lajos ring. The Faculty of Pharmacy, together with other faculties of the university, is located here in the heart of the city. The most famous places to visit are Széchenyi Square with the City Hall (the main square of Szeged), Klauzál Square with the appetizing confectioneries, Kárász Street (for pedestrians only), Cathedral (Dóm) Square with its Votive Church (an open-air theater season is held here every year), the Reök Palace, the Synagogue and the Móra Ferenc Museum.

Climate: Szeged has a typical continental climate with hot, sunny summers (25-35 °C; 77-95 °F), cold winters -10 and +5 °C (14-41 °F).

The National Theater of Szeged, the Szeged Opera and Ballet Company and its Symphony Orchestra offer outstanding performances throughout the year. The Open-Air Theatre is a special festival during summertime, with operas and musicals. There are several large parks, a zoo and a famous botanical garden to stroll through. Art galleries, exhibitions, folk festivals, movie theatres and clubs provide different productions.

canoeSport: Szeged is famous for its handball and water polo teams and its kayak-canoeists. The city has hosted Kayak-Canoe World Championships, World Cups and other national and international sporting events. Swimming pools, tennis courts, squash courts, football fields, fitness centers and bowling are all available.

Other Events: The Szeged Youth Festival (SZIN) is held to close the festival season. Various bands, groups and musical performers are invited to entertain the audiences for three days.

Paprika Festival
Entertainments: Szeged is a university city and therefore offers a wide range of entertainment. There are university clubs (e.g. JATE Klub) and numerous discos (the most popular is the Sing-Sing) for people who like to live a night-life.

There are many pubs, cafes and restaurants in the downtown, where some of the best meals in the city. Szeged is world-famous for its fish soup. There are popular restaurant nearby, where you can taste traditional Hungarian cuisine.

Szeged offers a wide range of possibilities for recreation and leisure. There are spas, aqua park, baths and swimming pools.

Szeged is home to many cultural organizations. You can find cinemas, museums, a theater and opera house, and good number of specially organized events.

apartmentsAccommodation: A large selection of flats for rent is available in Szeged. If you need help in finding accommodation, The Foreign Students' Secretariat has a list of flats from which you can choose. The Secretariat offers a free service from the middle of July to the end of September, which assists you to find the appropriate apartment (contacting the landlord, visiting the flat, and signing the rental contract). Prices vary from a minimum of 50,000 HUF to a maximum of 120,000 HUF per month (payable in HUF, EUR or USD), depending on the flat's location, size and comfort. A deposit is usually required (1-3 months’ rent). The costs of the utilities are not included in the rent.

The Faculty of Pharmacy has its own dormitory, with a limited number of available spaces in 4-bed rooms. The dormitory is located in the center of the town, only a 5-minute walk from the main building of the Faculty of Pharmacy.



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