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Indonesian delegation was received at the University of Szeged

Indonesian delegation has arrived to the University of Szeged on the 27 February 2015 with the intention of cooperation. Joining the representatives of Indonesian higher education institutions, Ambassadress Wening Esthyprobo Fatandari also visited Szeged.

Through the Indonesian Embassy in Budapest representatives of Indonesian higher education institutions arrived to Szeged. On 27 February 2015 the nineteen member delegation conducted a meeting from 10 am. with the leaders of the University of Szeged, the representatives of the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Dentistry, the Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Studies in the Rector's Office.


The world-renowned University of Szeged


Together with the Indonesian delegation Her Excellency the Ambassadress Wening Esthyprobo Fatandari visited Szeged. She said she heard a lot about the University of Szeged and she expressed her pleasure to be able to visit it. She emphasized that Indonesia and Hungary have good contacts in the field of education and that the institutions of the two countries have already cooperated a number of times.

Gábor Szabó the Rector of the University of Szeged and Tamás Martinek Vice-Rector of the University of Szeged received the delegation. In his welcome speech Gábor Szabó pointed out that with its 12 faculties, Teacher Training Center and with the nearly 25 thousand student number, the University of Szeged is the greatest higher education institution in the region. In addition to the above mentioned, the Albert Szent-Györgyi Clinical Center operates under the aegis of the University of Szeged which is one of the the greatest health centers in Hungary. He added, that wide range of training alternatives are offered at the universitas on the bank of river Tisza, apart from arts and social studies, life sciences and physical sciences also appear on the list. Moreover the university plays an active role in the European Union project of the ELI laser research center, that is being built in Szeged.


Four faculties of the University of Szeged – the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Studies and the Faculty of Dentistry – are involved in the Hungarian and foreign language health care training programs and courses.


Rector Gábor Szabó emphasized that the university is world-renowned and this is proved by its outstanding place in the various world rank lists. “In the list of Academic Ranking of World Universities set up by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, only two Hungarian universities appear, the Univerity of Szeged and the Eötvös Lóránd University”- he said. In his welcome speech the Rector stressed the close connection of the city of Szeged and the university. He mentioned in his speech, that Szeged, which is called the city of sunshine in Hungary, is the eighth best university town in Europe. Although the university does not have a campus and the university buildings are situated in different parts of the town, in this way the city itself is one huge campus. “According to the city leaders Szeged has a university, but in our opinion on the contrary the university owns a city. - remarked the Rector of the SZTE.


Indonéz delegációt fogadtak a szegedi egyetemen - GALÉRIA

Bilateral cooperation

The purpose of the delegation representing Indonesian higher educational institutions was to gain information about potential cooperation possibilities. “Our aim of visiting the University of Szeged was to get to know the institution,and to initiate a cooperation agreement between the University of Szeged and the Indonesian higher education institutions providing training in one of the fields of Health Sciences and to sign a memorandum of understanding about this.- said Dr. Ir Budi Djamitko, the leader of the Indonesian Private Medical College. He added that the Association of Indonesian Private Medical College coordinates more than 300 Indonesian institutions providing health care training. The aim of this organization is expanding scholarship opportunities, facilitating exchange programs for Indonesian students and teachers and involvement in scientific research work. The leader of the Indonesian delegation described the University of Szeged as an institution with numerous faculties, wide range of training programs, and bearing outstanding scientific results. He pointed out that the reputation of the University of Szeged and its position in world rank lists are well known all over the world. “I trust, that the previously signed memorandum of understanding will enhance our cooperation and Indonesian students will be able to study in Szeged.-concluded the Indonesian expert.


Health Science training programs in key role


The faculties and training programs of Health Sciences at the University of Szeged were described for the representatives of the Indonesian universities by András Palkó Vice-Dean for General Affairs and Education of the Faculty of Medicine, Edina Héderné Berta Vice-Dean for General Affairs of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Studies, Kinga Laczkóné Turzó Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry and Róbert Gáspár Vice-Dean for Public Relations and Enrollment of the Faculty of Pharmacy. At the meeting the members of the Indonesian delegation took great interest in Health Sciences, mainly in Nursing and Midwife training, they gained information about the Master's and Doctoral Programs, and questions emerged about the training expenses and tuition fees.

At the end of the meeting they signed the memorandum of understanding to reinforce their intention to cooperate.




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