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Public discussion of Dezső Csupor's doctoral dissertation

On April 27, 2022, the Doctoral Council of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences organized the public discussion of Dezső Csupor's (associate professor, Institute of Pharmacognosy, Institute of Clinical Pharmacy, University of Szeged) doctoral dissertation on the safety and efficacy of medicinal plants ant their active substances in the light of phytochemical and pharmacological studies.

The results of various experiments performed by Dezső Csupor contribute to the rational therapeutic application of medicinal plants and their compounds. The most important parts of the work are preparative as well as quantitative and qualitative analytical phytochemical studies, supplemented by pharmacological and toxicological tests of extracts and pure compounds, and meta-analyzes evaluating the medicinal administration of herbal preparations.

Opponents of the dissertation were József Deli, DSc, Pál Herczegh, DSc, and Éva Szőke, DSc. At a closed meeting after the public discussion, the committee (chaired by Gábor Blaskó, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, secretary Balázs Volk, DSc, members Béla Böddi, DSc, Imre Klebovich, DSc, András Salgó, DSc, Kornélia Tekes, DSc, Gábor Vasas, DSC, and Szabolcs Béni, PhD) evaluated the candidate's scientific activity and the results of the defense with 39 out of a maximum of 40 points.

The final decision on the award of the title is made by the Doctoral Council of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.



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