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International speakers in the program of János Kabay College for Advanced Studies

On October 12, 2022, the first 'intercontinental' online presentation of the János Kabay College for Advanced Studies was organized.

János Kabay College for Advanced Studies organized the first online lecture overseas. The aim of the College with this type of event was to provide an opportunity for students of the English language classes to participate in the programs of the student community and let everybody from the faculty expand their knowledge.

The College invited Professor Xiaojiang Chen from the University of Southern California to give a lecture. Professor Chen earned his undergraduate degree in China. He received the PhD degree from the University of California, Davis, and then worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University. Professor Chen began his independent research career at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and continued at the University of Southern California. Among many other honors, he has received the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship and Junior Faculty Start-Up Award and the American Cancer Society Foundation Award. His research focuses on cancer biology and immunology, particularly oncogenic viruses and the host immune response.

Professor Chen discussed his recent scientific findings on RNA/DNA-binding proteins and structure-based drug discovery. The title of his presentation was Our research program review: Structural studies of DNA/RNA transaction enzymes and structure-based drug discovery.

Emese Galgóczi, Szonja Plesz, and Krisztina Petrinca from János Kabay College for Advanced Studies organized the event.

Just to let you know, presentations of other international guests will follow this occasion. The next online lecture is on the 9th of November at 6:00 pm. Alicja Gawalska from the Jagellonian University Collegium Medicum, Krakow, Poland, will talk about computer-aided drug design and some applications in their research at the Medicinal Chemistry Department.


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