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Graduation Ceremony Celebrate School of Pharmacy Graduates

59 fresh pharmacists were conferred their doctoral degrees at the graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Pharmacy on 1 July 2022 in the congress hall of the Attila József Study and Information Centre of the University of Szeged.

The members of the council were: Professor Márta Széll, vice-rector, Professor István Zupkó, dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Professor Gábor Tóth, vice-dean of the Szent-Györgyi Albert Faculty of Medicine, and Professor Zoltán Baráth, dean of the Faculty of Dentistry.


Candidate Krisztina Szívéli requested to be conferred as a doctor of pharmacy. This was followed by István Zupkó's presentation, in which he proposed the initiation of 58 Hungarian and 1 international doctoral candidates. After the Vice-Rector accepted the proposal, those present stood and listened to the solemn swearing-in of the candidates. After that, the rector of the University of Szeged and the members of the council welcomed the students as fellow doctors with a handshake.


The newly graduated pharmacists were greeted by the dean. In his speech, he presented the opportunities offered by the pharmaceutical profession and encouraged the young colleagues to continuously expand their knowledge. On behalf of the young pharmacists, Edit Kisvári PharmD. and Malekzadeh Mahmoud PharmD. said goodbye to the Faculty, the lecturers, fellow students and the University of Szeged, recalling the moments of their student years, thanking the lecturers for their work, the support and love of parents and friends.


All staff members of the Faculty sincerely wish the 59 young pharmacists successful career, and happiness in their private lives!



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