Tuesday, 27 February 2024

Excellence in Pharmacy Scholarship Winners in the first semester of the academic year 2023/2024

We are excited to share that we have awarded the “Excellence in Pharmacy Scholarships” to five international students due to their outstanding academic achievements.

„I am delighted to be selected as an excellent student for this semester. The University of Szeged is one of the best universities in Hungary, with an outstanding global reputation and a supportive community. Szeged is a charming and comfortable city for living and studying where you can find kind and supportive people in an international environment. In Szeged, you can enjoy various cultural and sports events throughout the year and its famous architectural and historical buildings.”

Aseel Ghanimeh – fifth-year pharmacy student from Syria

Fatemeh_Tina_Ghoribani ,,I’m so delighted to be selected as an excellent pharmacy student this semester at the well-known University of Szeged. I would like to share a quote that has helped me immeasurably that’s from the book called “The Horse, The Boy The Fox and the Mole” A boy and a horse are in the woods and the boy says to the horse “I can’t see a way through” and the horse says “can you see your next step?”The boy says “Yeah” and the horse says “Then just take that”. It hits me that all the times we look at the goal or we look at how long the journey is we feel overwhelmed. I learned that I have to just go right and I’m sure that my goal will come; accordingly, as a pharmacy student at the University of Szeged. I'm proud to be part of a prestigious institution known for its rigorous academic curriculum and commitment to producing highly skilled pharmacists. I'm confident that my dedication, academic achievements, and practical experiences make me an excellent pharmacy student, ready to contribute to the advancement of pharmaceutical science and provide exceptional patient care. I would like to sincerely appreciate the support of our professors, administrators and everyone who helped me in the extraordinary Faculty of Pharmacy.”

Fatemeh (Tina) Ghorbani – fourth-year student from Iran
Shaghayegh_Hedayati ,,I am honoured to be chosen as an excellent student this semester. It has been one of the most challenging and emotional experiences of my life to study pharmacy at the University of Szeged. The University of Szeged is one of the high-ranked universities in Europe. Szeged is a safe, calm and wonderful city where you will find friendly and supportive people in an international environment. Students can take part in several festivals and events in Szeged. Pharmacodynamics and prescription pharmacy are my favourite subjects because they provide knowledge on medications and how various dosage forms are prepared. I usually spend my days at the TIK library and the university. I enjoy reading, travelling, and watching movies.”

Shaghayegh Hedayati – fifth-year pharmacy student from Iran
Fatemeh_Sheihaki_Jaski ,,I am proud to be selected as an excellent student this semester. This scholarship to me means support from the generous contributions to my education as an international student. Receiving this scholarship has motivated me to put all my energy and focus into doing well in my pharmaceutical technology and pharmacology courses. I am grateful for the high level of education I am receiving and the opportunities I have to learn and grow as a person. I am lucky to have such knowledgeable and experienced professors helping me gain a deep understanding of these subjects. My professors have been a great source of knowledge and support for me. They are highly skilled and dedicated to helping their students succeed. I have confidence that I will be able to construct a successful profession in the pharmacy field. I am eager to see where my studies will take me.”

Fatemeh Sheihaki Jaski – fifth-year pharmacy student from Iran
Cui_Zuhao ,,I am honoured to be chosen as an excellent student this term. I sincerely appreciate the support of my faculty. During the past few years, I have been deeply inspired by the solid academic environment at the university and the professors’ dedicated teaching and strict requirements for students. I’ve always been proud to be a student of this prestigious university with over a hundred years of history. Everyone here, including the professors, administrators, and students, is amiable and helpful. Pharmaceutical science is not easy, but it makes studies a joyous journey instead of a pile of boring classes and books. Szeged is a quiet, beautiful, and friendly city I consider my second hometown. In Szeged, you can meet people from around the world. There are many facilities to develop your hobbies here, and various festivals will make you fall in love with traditional Hungarian culture.”

Cui Zuhao – fifth-year pharmacy student from China


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