Friday, 03 December 2021


A world champion pharmacy student visited our faculty

Joan Cañellas, Spanish handball player of MOL-Pick Szeged and the Spanish national team was our guest at the Faculty of Pharmacy

Joan Cañellas has been playing for MOL-Pick Szeged since 2018. Thanks to his intelligent playing style, he has been known as one of the best in the world for years. He is a really gifted player: he is not only a great playmaker but also an exceptional back and a key element of defence.

This versatility is not confined to the handball court, as he has successfully finished several years of pharmaceutical studies at the University of Barcelona and the Complutense University of Madrid while also being a professional athlete. His connection to pharmacy was the reason for inviting Joan to our faculty.

The leadership of the faculty symbolically signed him as our honorary student, and he received a lab coat emblazoned with his name and the faculty coat of arms from István Zupkó, the dean of the faculty. During his visit, Joan proved that he is not only a likeable player but also a really friendly, sociable person. He attended a unique laboratory practice in the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology where he endured the storm of fans lining up for his autograph, and he even took several group photos with them after that.

For pharmacy students, exam period is going to be the main challenge over the course of the next few weeks – for Joan it is going to be the Champions League.

We can only wish luck for both the students and Joan, naturally with the motto of MOL-Pick Szeged: Just go ahead!

Pictures of the event: here


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