Tuesday, 29 September 2020


Questionnaires are available at Neptun, by which our students can provide anonymous feedback on courses and teacher performance.

Questionnaires can be completed by July 15, 2020. Student feedback is extremely important to ensure the quality of training.

Dear Student!

This semester, you can give an opinion on the courses of the Faculty of Pharmacy and the work of the instructors by filling in the online questionnaires (Student feedback on teaching work – 2019/2020 2nd semester) available on Neptun (in the Administration/Questionnaires/Questionnaire to fill in) until 15 July 2020. It takes 3-4 minutes to complete a questionnaire.

Neptun generates a separate interface for the online survey to which no personal information is assigned. The identity of the person completing the survey is not identifiable, the expression of opinion is completely anonymous.

Student feedback is extremely important to improve the quality of training. The results of the surveys are communicated to the head of the institute and the instructor concerned. Measures are taken to solve the problems, and positive feedback is a recognition for our instructors.

If the completion rate is low, the survey will be ineffective for that course, so be sure to complete the questionnaire for all your courses. It is also up to you what quality of training your fellow students can take part.

Shape the future with your opinion!


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