Friday, 03 December 2021


Dear Scholarship Holder,

The Tempus Public Foundation announced the Dissertation Scholarship. According to our administration you supposed to finish your studies this semester, so you have the chance to apply for this Scholarship.

University email address request

Dear Students!

PhD students who are not employed by the University of Szeged, please apply for a university student mailbox at the following link:

Unfortunately, the website has not been translated into English by the operator, so please ask your Hungarian fellow student for help.

Data change notification

Dear Students!

If there is any change in your data (new document, extension of residence permit, new language exam certificate, change of residence / notification address, new contact details, e-mail change, any data related to pre-studies, official data related to studies), it is included in Neptun's Unified Study System update is required, so please notify the PhD Secretariat of the Faculty of Pharmacy of any data change immediately.

NEPTUN Unified Study System - account registration for new PhD students

You can enter the Unified Study System at the link below. If you have not already created an account, you can do so in the Registration (for the initial password) menu, during which a username is generated and the password is entered by you.

NEPTUN Unified Study System - Register for courses and subjects


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